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Alcove Highback Work

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Alcove Highback Work

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 8-12 WEEKS *****

Design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2010
Made in Germany by Vitra

The fundamental idea behind the Alcove product family - providing places of shelter and seclusion - also applies to Alcove Highback Work: it shields users both visually and acoustically from the surrounding environment, forming a space for withdrawal. With its integrated tablet desk, storage box and cable inlet, Alcove Highback Work offers a flexible and private workspace in the open-plan office for individual tasks requiring concentration.
• Upholstery:  Alcove Sofas come in two different upholstery versions, soft 'lounge upholstery' for relaxed sitting and firmer 'work upholstery' for work-oriented sitting with various seat heights. Lounge upholstery = 485 mm (measured according to EN 1335-1 = 325 mm), work upholstery = 480 mm (measured according to EN 1335-1 = 385 mm).
• Structural frame:  tubular steel, chrome-plated or powder-coated (smooth); metal frame with MDF panel.
• Body:  high back and side panels form a visual and acoustic shield, integrated MDF boards for structural support, panel sections connected with zip fasteners.
• Seat and back cushions:  polyurethane foam and polyester fibre. Work upholstery for work-oriented seating.
• Seat height:  480 mm (385 mm with applied load, measured in accordance with EN 1335-1).
• Box:  MDF carcass covered in polyurethane foam.
• Legs:  tubular steel, chrome-plated or powder-coated (smooth).
• Tablet desk:  two bonded MDF panels, covered in leather.

Dimensions: 49.75" W x 33.75" D x 53.5" H | Seat: 18.75" H