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The Timeless Beauty of Artifort Furniture

One of the greatest things about Modern Design Furniture is its sheer timelessness. Some of the best and most enduring innovations came onto the scene decades ago, and while they continue to be refined and enhanced over the years, these venerable works remain as sought after and beautiful as ever.
Perhaps the most exemplary example is Artifort, one of the few brands in the modern design world that has roots going back well over a century. The company’s foundations were laid in 1890 by Jules Wagemans, an upholsterer who set up his business in the Dutch city of Maastricht. Years later, his son Henricus expanded the company into a furniture maker, combining its artisanal upholstery with sleek chairs, sofas, and other home goods.
By the late 1930s, Artifort had a showroom in Amsterdam and an expanding global presence that remains firm to this day. The fact that is designs have remained so fresh, iconic, and sought-after for over 120 years speaks volumes about the brand’s cosmopolitan and pioneering outlook. It creates furniture that manages to be sleek and eye-pleasing without being cold and pretentious. Artifort Furniture manages that unique balance of warmth, functionality, and creativity that makes its wares suited for just about every home space, workplace, and lifestyle.
Needless to say, I am proud to offer a wide selection of Artifort furniture here at CA Modern Homes. You can find dozens of chairs, tables, and sofas of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Browse through out safe and secure website, from where you can conveniently order these precious wares, or visit my Miami Beach showroom at 1560 Lenox Ave. Suite 101.
To learn more, contact 800.605.1859 or sales@camodernhome.com. Remember that you get free shipping on most items $50 or more!
Hovhannes Sargsyan
Hovhannes Sargsyan

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