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Charles & Ray Eames Children's Toys

Charles and Ray Eames are widely regarded for their major contributions towards the modern design furnituremovement.  The couple is responsible for creating many iconic pieces and they have influenced many artists.  Despite the pair's lofty achievements, one thing the couple never lost was the importance of incorporating play and unconstrained creativity into their design philosophy.  The couple maintained a strong sense of wonder, and they would go on to create several toys for children from seemingly ordinary objects such as a cardboard box.

One of these toys was the House of Cards, a series of 54 cards designed to be easily attached together to create a variety of different structures.  Each card was emblazoned with a colorful pattern intended to depict everyday objects, stimulating virtually endless creativity.

The Little Toy playset consisted of four squares and four triangles designed in lacquered wood along with wired squares and fasteners.  Intended to be used as architectural model kits, the dollhouse-sized sets also allowed for a tremendous amount of creativity.

At CA Modern Home we have the Eames Elephant, a great holiday gift for use as a child's toy or an eye-catching piece in their bedroom.  Originally designed using plywood the elephant is available in a plastic version with a variety of different color choices including dark lime, ice grey, and light pink.

CA Modern Home offers an extensive selection of modern home furniture by respected brands and designers like those under the Herman Miller brand.  Call us at 1-800-605-1859 for any sales inquiries or more information.

Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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