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The Iconic Architecture of Michael Graves

Earlier this year, the world of modern design furniture lost another great when American architect Michael Graves passed away at the age of 80.  Known for his iconic creations like the Portland Building in Oregon and the Alessi 9093 Teakettle, his status as an important figure in design transcends not only modern design but also New Urbanism and New Classical Architecture.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1934, Michael Graves' studies eventually lead him to study at the University of Cincinnati where he earned his bachelor's degree.  He would continue his studies at prestigious Harvard University where he received his master's degree in architecture, graduating in 1959.  The following year, Graved was awarded the equally prestigious Rome Prize, an annual award given to 15 emerging artists in various fields including architecture, literature, and historic preservation.

After settling down in Princeton, New Jersey in the 1960s, Graves began working on a number of projects that would go on to achieve wide recognition, including the Synderman House in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Kentucky's Humana Building, and even buildings for the Walt Disney Company.  However, it was the Portland Building designed in 1982 that would earn him the biggest recognition, regarded as the first major example of postmodern architecture.  In 2011, the building cemented its iconic status after being added to the National Register of Historic Places.

In the mid-1980s, Graves began working with Italian company Alessi.  The company's red whistle shaped stainless steel teakettle would go on to become its bestselling product of all time.

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Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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