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We’re taking a figurative trip to Denmark to focus our attention on Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, known for his many contributions to modern design furniture which included chairs known for their simple yet effective design. He also played a significant role in architectural Functionalism.

Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Arne Jacobsen originally had aspirations to become a painter before his father persuaded him to switch to the more secure line of work in architecture. After working as an apprentice mason, Jacobsen attended the Architecture School at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts honing his skills under the direction and guidance of fellow Danish architects Kaj Gottlob and Kay Fisker.

During his studies, Jacobsen decided to participate in the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, a Parisian Art Deco fair where he ended up winning a silver medal for his chair design. Also during this time, he would become heavily influenced by the work of architecture greats like Mies van der Rohe.

After graduating, Jacobsen would go on to win more awards including one from the Danish Architect's Association for designing the “House of the Future”. His work eventually established him as an architect known for his ultra modernism. His other future works included the Rothenborg House, the Stelling House, and Aarhus City Hall. His Model 3107 chair or the “No. 7 chair” has also gone down in history as one of the most copied.

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Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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