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September 18, 2022

When you watch Netflix's movieAlways Be My Maybe, you are probably going to notice the breakout star of the show that has grown in popularity since its release: the GUBI chair.

It turns out that these iconic dining chairs referenced in the movie are actually known as “Beetle-style” chairs, which have become an ongoing design trend you could easily find online, such as onPinterest.

Often considered the most comfortable and stylish seats on the market today, we will take a deeper look atGUBI chairs in this handy article and show where you can get your hands on one.

What are GUBI chairs?

A contemporary classic, it turns out that GUBI is a Danish design brand dedicated to creating pieces that are visually appealing while having a strong sense of functionality. There is no doubt that the GUBI "beetle" chair is one of their most recognizable furniture designs in modern times.

It should be noted, however, that the GUBI chair is actually an update of an original version of the beetle dining chair designed by Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam of Gamfratesi Design Studio way back in 2013.

Derived from this humble curved creature of the same name that inspired their design, the duo noted how its body is composed of overlapping layers separated by fine sutures, protected and supported by its external shell.

Drawing inspiration from a beetle's body, the GUBI chair's design combines rigidity with smooth curves, yet maintains comfort and functionality.In a subtle, clean-lined design, the GUBI chair provides Scandinavian simplicity while providing ergonomic support.

As a result of the genius creation of the beetle chair, the design has taken off and evolved in many contexts and unexpected ways, with the beetle's distinctive spirit always present.

Since then, the beetle chair has been found in countless homes worldwide, with new versions including lounge chairs and couches joining the iconic dining chair, all adaptable and ever changing with thousands of species, just like the beetle itself.

If you're interested to know who makes the GUBI chair, it's a Danish company that has been around since the 60s.

Who makes the GUBI chair?

Basically, the GUBI chair is named after the company that created it. GUBI is a Danish design house renowned for producing furniture, interior objects, and lighting that has created a lasting presence throughout the world with signature pieces that are both classic and enduring.

Since its founding in 1967, GUBI has been one of Denmark's leading furniture and lighting design companies, committed to revisiting classic Danish, Scandinavian, as well as international designs, while incorporating functionality with enduring appeal.

The company started with a focus on production of the family's own furniture designs. It also traded textiles within the retail sector.

Over the years, the company began to focus on handpicking high-quality furniture worldwide. Additionally, it has partnered with designers to create new, original pieces.

As of right now, the company is headed by Jacob Gubi, the company's chief creative officer, and also the son of the company's founders Lisbeth and Olsen Gubi. 

Where is the GUBI chair made?

The GUBI chair was originally created and is still produced today in Copenhagen, Denmark. As one of Denmark's most distinguished furniture brands, GUBI is headquartered in a 2,000-square-meter warehouse converted to a showroom in the city's harbor.

As a dining chair originally designed for the home, the beetle chair has evolved to become more adaptable to a range of environments, including the workplace, as well as social places, such as bars, restaurants, and even public areas. It has a dynamic and comfortable design, enabling it to function well in an assortment of settings.

The GUBI chair is versatile enough to work with any number of interior styles, but it’s particularly well-suited for mid-century modern and Scandinavian design. You can pair it with Eames chairs around a dining room table, or use it as a chic office chair.

Since then, while the GUBI chair stays in Denmark, the inspired-beetle chair has become a worldwide sensation and is now being manufactured and designed in countries all over the world, in a variety of iterations while maintaining the same functionality.

What does the GUBI chair look like?

The GUBI chair is a mid-century modern style chair that has a unique look. A durable "shell" surrounds the chair, creating a continuous, curved shape reminiscent of the strong and graceful contours of a beetle's body, giving the chair its lasting appearance.

The design of the chair is such that it keeps its flexibility despite its strength, ensuring comfort even while sitting for extended periods of time, making it an ideal choice for use at social gatherings, as well as in the office.

Originally, the GUBI chair had a thin metal frame and a molded plastic seat and back, both of which are molded into a single piece. The original chair has since served as an inspiration to make changes and give it a unique touch.

As such, it has become available in a variety of finishes such as leather, wood, and even gold, as well as an array of colors and fabric textures.

Even though it retains that trusted Scandinavian design, elegance, and comfort that have made it so popular, the GUBI chair has evolved over the years with various styles so that you can be sure that you will find one that suits your preference.

Where can you find a GUBI chair?

Get your GUBI chair today atCA Modern Home, an upscale, contemporary furniture store that features products from GUBI along with a variety of designer lines from Herman Miller, Vitra, Kartell, Louis Poulsen, Artemide, Flos, Tom Dixon, Magis, and many more.

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Esti Cohen
Esti Cohen

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