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September 28, 2022

In this article, we go over five qualities and practical characteristics that will allow you to choose the perfect arm chair that's ideal for your personal style, convenience, habits, bone and muscle health, and wallet.

Things You Will Want to Consider When Purchasing the Perfect Arm Chair

As you shop around, there are a few things that you may want to consider in order to find the most suitable and perfect arm chair for yourself.

This is an arm chair that's high quality, appropriate for your space, and comfortable.

More specifically, you should keep the following in mind:


Simply put, you don't want to sacrifice comfort for style.

In fact, when given a choice between the two, many people would prefer a comfortable (albeit plane or in a design that doesn't match their taste) arm chair that supports multiple sitting positions over a stylish-looking (yet uncomfortable and difficult-to-relax-in) alternative.

This is not to say that you shouldn't consider style. After all, we will discuss the role of material and size below.

However, the perfect arm chair needs to have these important qualities:

  •    You can pleasantly sit on it while you engage in various activities, such as reading, talking on the phone, watching TV, playing video games, and (when necessary) eating.
  •    It is meant to be used for prolonged hours (for example, to study for an exam) without causing your body to ache.
  •    The armchair is comfortable in multiple positions, including when you sit at the desk, reach for items from the side table, and lean back to relax after a long day.
  •    The armchair has cushions, arm rests, and back support, which are crucial for the well-being of your bones and muscles.

In short, the perfect arm chair is both comfortable and healthy for your different body parts, especially your shoulders and back.

Back Support

You want to make sure that your arm chair has back support. In other words, stay clear of buying a backless one.

Remember, the whole point of an arm chair is to allow you to relax in any environment. For that matter, if you use it to study or work, the back support will keep you calm and alleviate a lot of your stress.

Once you narrow down your options based on comfort, bodily health, and support, you may start to take style and design into consideration, too.


The material directly influences how comfortable the armchair is and its appearance. Ideally, you want your purchase to feel cozy and, at the same time, stylishly blend with the area or room's decor, furniture, walls, and overall design.

The seat's material should act as a cushion against the hard surface that holds it. It also needs to stay restful when you sit on it for several consecutive hours.

As far as the upholstery's fabric goes, make a choice that accounts for your personal and household circumstances. For instance, whether or not you have pets and if any children will be using the chair.

With that in mind, here are some pros and cons of common upholstery fabrics that could help you decide on which material to go with:

  •    Cotton & Linen: Among the most popular types of fabric, cotton and linen are great for comfort and minimal cleaning. Nonetheless, they still soak up liquids and other substances quite quickly, and they're not good options for durability, either.
  •    Leather: You can effortlessly clean stains and liquids aren't absorbed. While leather lasts for years, it is prone to weather-induced impairments and is very sensitive. Even a pet or child's scratch might cause it to break.
  •    Polyester: Polyester has the same positive qualities as cotton and linen, but it's also durable as long as it's not exposed to hot temperatures or placed outdoors in extreme conditions. It's absorbent of body oils, albeit it doesn't soak liquids.
  •    Silk: On one hand, silk withstands a lot of use without getting ripped or stretched. On the other hand, you have to dry clean it to remove any stains and keep it away from sunlight to prevent damaging the fabric.
  •    Velvet: The main positive aspects to velvet upholstery is that it is immensely durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. Conversely, velvet's cons are that it draws in spilled liquids, can't be exposed to the sun for a large amount of time, and requires you to consistently clean it so that dust and pet hair don't accumulate.
  •    Wool: Aside from only being available in certain designs and styles, wooden upholstery fabric is cozy, long lasting, resistant to stains, and doesn't attract mold and allergens. A notable downside, though, is that wood must be dry cleaned.

To choose the perfect arm chair, you want to think about durability as being relative to your household circumstances and personal routine, habits, and activities.


With that being said, arm chairs are universally used for lounging. Therefore, you should prioritize the options that can withstand consecutive hours of lounging for many years.

Treat your shopping trip as an investment decision. After all, you are looking for long-term value rather than upfront prices. In comparison to cheap (but uncomfortable and easily-breakable) alternatives, the perfect arm chair has physical, mental, and leisurely benefits that outweigh its financial costs.

Being comfortable when you're not using the chair is equally as important as when you're sitting on it.


Since it will serve you for many years, you want a chair that you could seamlessly place in your desired area in your house. Its size should give you plenty of leeway to feel comfortable as you get up, sit down, and walk around.

You need to avoid large chairs that cram up the room, take up a lot of space, and are prone to accidental damage. Stay away from those that are too small, as well, because it might be hard to find the right location to fit them in and they may ruin the room or area's appearance.

When you shop around, remember that you will be using your arm chair for several years. Make sure that its size and material are healthy to sit on, durable, and comfy, and that they match your decor and preferred style.

Above all, you want a chair with back support that's made for you to enjoy and lounge on for prolonged hours, and without worrying about hurting your bones or muscles.

Esti Cohen
Esti Cohen

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