Make it modern design: Your new home office

July 31, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is making us reassess our working culture. For many of us, working from home is the new normal, and the business world is considering the benefits of continuing a more flexible working pattern, post-pandemic.

So, if you’re up for working from home more permanently, the kitchen counter doesn’t cut it anymore. You’re going to need a home office that’s comfortable, useful and - of course - looks good, whatever your space and budget.

Beautifully useful

Modern design principles are perfect for home offices. One of the key principles is functionality, to fit how people work and what they need from their furniture. Yes, it’s about ergonomics, but it’s also about the tiny-but-important details like cut-outs for cables and task lighting.

Small space working

If you’ve a small apartment, you’ll already know you’ll need to be clever with space. Think dual-purpose, foldaway or wall-mounted work surfaces for your laptop. MASH Studios’ Lax Series wall-mounted desk has cubbies to stash your stuff and no legs to get in the way of yours. Made of solid English walnut and white aluminium, it’s a smart piece that you won’t want to hide away (even if you could). 

12 Best Wall Mounted Desks - Floating Desks to Save Space | Apartment  Therapy

Look, no legs, mom! MASH Studios Lax wall-mounted desk. 


Add some task lighting in the form of Anglepoise’s Original 1227 lamp, and you’re good to go.

If you prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, and just need your tablet and a cup of coffee, go the whole Starbucks theme with a bar-height table and stool. BluDot’s Sprout or Hot Mesh bar tables have tiny footprints but big personalities (especially the bright yellow options) and, counter stools to match, you’ll be sitting pretty. 

Stylish and fun but just for work sprints.


Hot desks

If you have the space for a ‘proper’ desk and all the trimmings, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s an embarrassment of beautifully streamlined, so-good-to-look-at-it-hurts desks from designers taking their cue from 1950s functional sleekness to a more contemporary feel. 

For all-purpose modern simplicity, you can’t go wrong with a Tom Dixon Slab Desk, inspired by Victorian English school desks, but with softly-rounded edges, the traditional inkwell transformed into cable management and a deep groove cut in for pens (if you still use them!)

Tom Dixon Slab Desk: Yes, please.


For a mid-century feel, choose Vitra’s Compas Direction Desk, designed by architect and engineer Jean Prouvé in the 1950s. Although topped in solid oiled wood, the desk’s powder-coated steel legs give it more of an industrial drawing-office feel. And for full-on industrial chic, Jesse Brody’s Fold Desk is easy to look after, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to work from. (And yes, we’re biased, but not sorry).

Vitra’s Compas Direction Desk. We’ll have it in all the colours.


Also getting honorable mentions for all-out stunning looks are Bensen’s Homework 2 Glass Top Desk with cantilevered floating-look drawers and the ultra-sustainable Heiss Desk by Ali Sandifier.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Unless you prefer a standing desk - in which case, check out BDI’s 20 Lift Sequel Standing Desk - you’re going to need something to sit on that’s not going to strain your back or encourage poor posture. 

Herman Miller’s classic Aeron Chair, first designed by Stumpf and Chadwick in 1994, has been remastered by Chadwick in 2016 in line with Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting. 

Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair 2016


With even more adjustability and a more comfortable sit, the Aeron is a good choice for a long workday as well as an iconic addition to your space. Another ergonomic choice is the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair, again by Miller, designed with a firm but flexible “sitting pocket” that adjusts naturally to fit and support your body’s natural shape.

The Eames Soft Pad Management Chair: Available in a trillion colours.


Of course, work isn’t all about tapping away on a keyboard. It’s about thinking, creating and innovating. Who says you even need a desk? If you have the room, do your thinking from the comfort of Artifort distinctive Chaise Longue, designed by Harcourt back in 1970. The modern interpretation is a stunning tubular steel form upholstered in foam and covered in textured colourways.

Chaise Longue by Artifort. 


Working from home can have its challenges but at least you’re free to work in your own style - make it modern design.

Louise Etheridge
Louise Etheridge

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