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With COVID-19 restrictions lifting and nicer weather here across the country, now is the perfect time to fix up your outdoor oasis. Relaxing in your backyard or hosting friends for dinner are great ways to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t let the dark kill your vibe when the sun goes down because you don’t have the proper outdoor lighting to keep the party going. 

You have countless options for outdoor lighting, but not all lighting is created the same. When it comes to your home, you want to put some thought into which outdoor lighting you choose. The right lighting for your outdoor space requires more than just putting up a string of lights and calling it a day. Choosing the right type of lighting fixtures for your backyard creates an ambiance that the whole family will love. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of outdoor lighting. We’ll explore how much lighting you’ll need and where to place it for the best results. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to enjoy those memorable summer nights with the perfect backyard oasis to gather with the ones you love! 

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are three general types of outdoor lighting: ambient, task, and accent. For the best results, incorporate all three into your outdoor space. Ambient lighting is achieved through hanging lights, post lights, and wall lights. Examples of task lighting include deck lights, security lights, and driveway or pathway lights. Accent lighting for your outdoor space is usually achieved through landscape kits and spotlights. 

Depending on the size and layout of your space, you should consider different options. For example, if you have a small patio, string lights, solar spotlights, and LED candles can be used to deliver the perfect affordable outdoor lighting solution. You can talk to your local landscaper, designer, or lighting company for more specific ideas to fit your space. 

6 Tips to Achieve the Best Results with Your Outdoor Lighting

If you want to get the most for your money, follow these six tips for great results! 

  1. Measure Your Space

Before you begin to shop, you need to figure out how much lighting you’ll need. You can hire a professional to measure your space. You can also multiply the square footage of the area you want to light by 1.5. This will give you a rough estimate of the total wattage required to achieve the best results.

2. Plan Ahead

With so many options, you need to plan before you try to choose your outdoor lighting. Take a good look at your outdoor space from all angles. Measure any part of your area that you plan to put your lights, so you don’t pick fixtures that are too big. Use a piece of paper or a small object to check your exact placement. This will allow you to review the size of the fixture and how it looks in your space before buying. 

You should choose high-quality, sturdy lighting that is made from weather-resistant materials for your outdoor space. The best practice for outdoor wall lights is to pick a size that is approximately one-third the height of your door. While you can try solar landscape lighting, landscape lighting kits are a durable and long-lasting hard-wired option.

3. Use LEDs

When possible, use LEDs to save energy. They are also maintenance-free, so you won’t have to worry about frequently changing halogen or incandescent bulbs. LEDs also provide excellent lighting coverage the effectively and efficiently illuminate your outdoor space! Check out theseLED lights by Tim Derhaag that work well for task lighting.

4. Get a 360 View of Your Outdoor Space

Before you begin shopping, look at your outdoor space from as many angles as possible. You should also take a thorough look at your outdoor space from inside your home. Gardens, patios, and pathways that can be seen from your indoor living space should be carefully planned by looking at your area from the inside out. 

You’ll spend a reasonable amount of time looking at your outdoor space from your living area at night. Check out theserock lamps designed by Smart & Green for pathway lighting and theseZen LED lamps for pool or garden lighting. With the proper lighting, you can update the style of your yard and even create a room-expanding view of your outdoor space.

5. Sometimes Less is More

If you do a lot of entertaining, consider subtle lights in outdoor dining areas. Lights that give a soft glow can be a great option to create a beautiful ambiance in your outdoor dining areas. Subtle, indirect lighting creates a great visual aesthetic. Outdoor lanterns and pendants are trendy right now. These outdoorwall sconces designed by Poul Henningsen are a perfect example of ambient lighting. You can get creative with light kits equipped with dimmers for multi-purpose uses.

6. Secure Your Space

While you undoubtedly want to create a certain mood depending on the use of your outdoor space, you should also think about security. Keep the entry points of your home well lit. This includes your front and back door, outside your garage, or any part of your home that gets particularly dark. 

Motion spotlights can be easily installed on the eaves of your exterior. You have several wall lantern options in various styles that can be installed on the sides of your doors, windows, and garages. Check out these beautiful accent lights design by  Original BTC and these byErnesto Gismondi to see how drastically styles vary. 

Your outdoor space will look and feel like a backyard oasis with the right equipment and professional installation. If you are buying outdoor lighting for your home, you need to find an online furniture retailer dedicated to quality, design, and style!  

Need help finding the perfect option for your backyard oasis? CA Modern Home offers upscale, contemporary furniture, outdoor lighting, and home accessories that enhance the visual aesthetic of your home. Let us help you find the best fit for your unique style.  Get in touch with us today, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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