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Home entertainment systems and personal electronics have undoubtedly changed over the years. Binge-watching your favorite series through innovative streaming services on ultra-thin, high-resolution TVs is now a common American pastime. As millions of Americans have shifted towards staying in for a night of Netflix and chill since the COVD-19 pandemic, now is a great time to spruce up your space. 

Today’s average media system is more than just a collection of electronic devices. With the amount of money you’ve spent on your home entertainment system, you need media furniture that is engineered to protect your investments. So finding creative, modern media furniture that looks great in your living space and protects your entertainment center is the best option. 

Tips to Pick the Right Media Furniture for Your Home

Whether you have a small, high-resolution TV or a media enthusiast’s dream entertainment center, there are several options for your media furniture. Let’s jump right into some great tips to help you pick media furniture that meets your needs and complements your style. 

1. Select Your Style

Media centers are no longer meant to be bulky pieces of furniture that sit in the middle of your living room. Instead, your media furniture should complement your interior design as it sets the stage for your home entertainment system. Today’s average consumer wants something sleek, eye-catching, and void of those cables that once created cluttered your living space years ago. 

As the focal point of your living and entertainment space, your media furniture should represent your style and complement your home decor. Modern? Classic? Retro? Whether you need a creatively designedaudio tower to hide your cords or a sleekmedia cabinet to house all your electronics, media furniture comes in various sizes and styles to meet your needs. Select a style you love, and don’t settle until you find something that works with your current interior design. With a variety of choices, compromise isn’t an option. 

2. Measure Your TV

Speaking of size, you need to measure your living space and the specs of your entertainment system components before you shop. For example, if you are using your media cabinet to hold your TV, be sure to measure the width and length of your TV first. 

Your media furniture shouldn’t just fit your TV. It should also provide additional space to protect your screen and ensure the safety of your television base. Not only will this provide you with a better visual balance, but it will protect your investment from unintentional accidents. If you plan to mount your TV, you can choose smaller, thinner media centers. For example, theBDI OLA 8137 works great for free-standing TVs. At the same time, theTanami media cabinets create great contrast and visual appeal for mounted TVs. 

In addition to the width and length of your TV, consider the visual height of your TV. The center of your screen should be at eye level from your favorite viewing spot to minimize neck strain. Depending on the size of your TV, choose a media cabinet that houses your electronics safely and securely.

3. Take Inventory

In addition to finding something that will protect your television, you need to consider your storage needs. What items will you store in your media furniture? Take inventory of your electronics. Don’t forget to include speakers, cable boxes, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and other devices you’ll place in your media cabinet. Leave room for future add-ons and allow space for media storage. 

While smaller components can be stacked, some electronic items need to stand alone. Gaming consoles and amps, for example, should have their own space because they give off heat.Two-door media cabinets make a great option if you have limited space and don’t need much storage. On the other hand,three-door media cabinets provide additional storage and create a beautifully designed focal point that fills up your living space and impresses your visitors.

4. Consider the Features

Once you have considered your style, size, and storage requirements, you can look at the additional features today’s modern media furniture provides. Creatively designed, thoughtfully engineered furniture doesn’t just create impressive visual aesthetics. It also makes your entertainment system easier to set up, maintain, and adjust. 

Most top-notch furniture designers partner with AV manufacturers to add innovative features that meet the demands of today’s growing entertainment needs. User-friendly features protect your equipment and create an immersive experience that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your technologically-driven entertainment system. 

Here’s a look at some added features to look for in your media furniture:

Remote Access

If you’re like most modern homeowners, you want to keep your space looking as neat and clutter-free as possible. Unfortunately, while you can easily hide most of your entertainment center elements in your media console, not all furniture provides remote access for entertainment consoles hidden behind closed doors. 

Tinted glass, louvered doors, and perforated designs allow remote signals to pass through your console without obstruction. Consider these options if you want to keep your electronic devices hidden and still enjoy the convenience of easy remote access. 


Whether you need to switch your connections or frequently move your furniture to clean, many systems come with hidden wheels that allow you to glide your media furniture from one place to another effortlessly. From moving your furniture a few inches from the wall to rearranging your entire room, mobility features allow easy access that meets your needs. Look for a media console with integrated levelers to lift your cabinet off of its wheels when you want your furniture secured in place. Mobility features genuinely provide the best of both worlds. 

Cable Management

No one wants to deal with the messy and unsightly hassle of electronic cables. Integrated wire management systems keep your cables organized and tangle-free. This added feature keeps your components well-connected while hiding all the plugs you need to keep your entertainment system working. 

Speaker Storage

If you want to hide speakers or full-range soundbars, you need to find a media center with acoustic transparency. While keeping your speakers out of sight is great, hiding them behind closed doors can muffle sounds. This defeats the purpose of investing in speakers and soundbars. To get the ultimate theater experience with a full range of sound, look for speaker storage with acoustic transparency. 


Media furniture that stores multiple components often offers an adjustability feature that allows you to reposition compartments to meet your setup needs. Additionally, vibration control shelf pins can help prevent sound vibrations and ensure that your entertainment system’s components reach their optimal performance. Adjustability is a great feature that provides added convenience to meet your accessibility needs. 


Having a cable management feature is great, but access to cables and connections is a must. Many modern media furniture options come with removable panels that allow easy access to the rear of your furniture. Convenient access will enable you to change your setup or fix connection issues as necessary. 


In addition to accessibility, proper ventilation is vital. Media furniture shouldn’t just look cool. It should also provide a cool environment for your electronics. Since many electronic components generate substantial heat, look for features that promote airflow. Built-in ventilation allows heat to escape, keeping your electronics safe and working well. 


As mentioned earlier, you want to find a media console that keeps your TV safe. Most modern media furniture offers added features that secure your TV to your furniture using safety straps. Security features help protect your screen, keeping your investment and your loved ones safe from preventable accidents. 

When it comes to your modern media furniture, the options are endless. Choose an entertainment console that complements your style and meets your storage and security requirements. User-friendly features give you an added bonus, allowing you to build a home entertainment center that provides you and your family with a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you love to entertain or prefer quiet movie nights at home, CA Modern Home offers modern designs that add the finishing touch you’ll love. 

Need help picking a media console that matches your interior design and covers all your storage needs? We offer upscale, contemporary furniture to fit any style. As the largest online dealer of modern furniture, we have something for everyone. Get in touch with us today to discuss yourmedia furniture needs.  

Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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