• branca chair

    branca chair

    Mattiazzi $1,489.00
  • branca table

    branca table

    Mattiazzi $2,879.00
  • he said chair

    he said chair

    Mattiazzi $1,579.00
  • Medici Chair

    Medici Chair

    Mattiazzi $1,575.00
  • Medici Chair Outdoor

    Medici Chair Outdoor

    Mattiazzi $1,575.00
  • Medici Side Table

    Medici Side Table

    Mattiazzi $1,029.00
  • Medici Side Table Outdoor

    Medici Side Table Outdoor

    Mattiazzi $1,029.00
  • osso chair

    osso chair

    Mattiazzi $1,419.00
  • she said chair

    she said chair

    Mattiazzi $1,579.00
  • she said table

    she said table

    Mattiazzi $1,625.00
  • Solo Chair

    Solo Chair

    Mattiazzi $719.00
  • Solo Stools

    Solo Stools

    Mattiazzi $619.00
  • Solo Table

    Solo Table

    Mattiazzi $1,439.00

Mattiazzi: Wooden Furniture Made in Italy

Mattiazzi has a healthy obsession for woodworking. From its facilities in Udine, Italy, the family-owned company has been perfecting the modern craft of wood furniture design and manufacturing since 1978. Their highly specialized craftsmen operate the most sophisticated machinery available to the wood industry.