• boogie woogie shelving system

    boogie woogie shelving system

    Magis $627.00
  • bookworm


    Kartell $485.00
  • Chicago 3 Box

    Chicago 3 Box

    BluDot $899.00
  • Chicago 8 Box

    Chicago 8 Box

    BluDot $1,899.00
  • Chicago Lowboy

    Chicago Lowboy

    BluDot $599.00
  • corniches


    Vitra $80.00
  • D3 Add-on Unit

    D3 Add-on Unit

    BluDot $599.00
  • D3 Bookcase

    D3 Bookcase

    BluDot $699.00
  • Eileen Shelf

    Eileen Shelf

    BDI $809.00
  • format 5-level shelving system

    format 5-level shelving system

    Bensen $1,695.00
  • Hitch Add-on Bookcase

    Hitch Add-on Bookcase

    BluDot $499.00
  • Hitch Add-on Bookcase and Desk

    Hitch Add-on Bookcase and Desk

    BluDot $639.00
  • hitch bookcase

    hitch bookcase

    BluDot $599.00
  • Hitch Bookcase and Desk

    Hitch Bookcase and Desk

    BluDot $639.00
  • index storage hi

    index storage hi

    Bensen $1,670.00
  • index storage lo

    index storage lo

    Bensen $1,420.00
  • kartell trays - 3 shelf trolley

    kartell trays - 3 shelf trolley

    Kartell $1,525.00
  • lovely rita

    lovely rita

    Kartell $325.00
  • Nelson Basic Cabinet Medium Bookcase

    Nelson Basic Cabinet Medium Bookcase

    herman miller $1,069.00
  • shelfish wall shelf

    shelfish wall shelf

    Kartell $135.00
  • SHILF Shelving Version 1.0

    SHILF Shelving Version 1.0

    BluDot $1,429.00
  • SHILF Shelving Version 2.0

    SHILF Shelving Version 2.0

    BluDot $969.00
  • SHILF Shelving Version 4.0

    SHILF Shelving Version 4.0

    BluDot $1,579.00
  • sundial


    Kartell $1,805.00
  • Totem Bookcase

    Totem Bookcase

    BluDot $449.00
  • trays - 3 shelf bookcase

    trays - 3 shelf bookcase

    Kartell $1,590.00

Whether you’re seeking a horizontal or vertical solution in a small or large size, our modern shelving options offer practical solutions that are also eye-catching. Contrary to what many might think, there are still plenty of people that like to purchase and display books. Bookcases are also a fantastic way to divide up space, especially in lofts. The Format 5 Level shelving system by Bensen is a fantastic option for this application.


Even if books aren’t your thing, modern shelving can still add life to a space. Create a welcoming feel with pictures of your family, use it to display some of your travel souvenirs, or use them to show keepsakes. Besides their decorative appeal, display shelves can also be useful as a way to store functional items.


As you’re exploring the many unique modern bookcases and shelving products for sale, make sure to place as much emphasis on function as you do form. A solid modern storage piece will offer optimum craftsmanship, efficiency, as well as creativity.