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.05 Chair

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.05 Chair

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 8-12 WEEKS *****

Design Maarten Van Severen, 2000
Polyurethane foam, integrated leaf springs, tubular steel
Made in Germany by Vitra

The principle of the cantilevered chair dates back to the 1930s. The .05 appears to be the purest realization of the cantilevered concept in chair design. The frame construction offers a high degree of comfort by responding to pressure with springy resilience, and the flexible tensile shell makes the seat as comfortable as a cushion.

The great comfort of these objects is revealed upon use. It is achieved by the intelligent employment of materials: the flexible integral foam used for the backrest, seat and reclining surfaces yields gently to the user's weight and adapts to body contours, thereby making additional padding unnecessary. Structural elements are made of metal, providing stability and support. Suitable as a visitor, conference or dining chair, .05 can be used in the home, in offices and conference venues, in restaurants, libraries, shops, museums and galleries.

Formal clarity and simplicity are distinguishing aesthetic features of Maarten Van Severen's designs. His work, handproduced in his workshop in Ghent Belgium, reflects his quest for perfection in form, detail and fabrication. Their appearance is restrained and elegant. Every element is structurally motivated and reduced to its essential form. Maarten works in a variety of different materials: aluminium and ply to bakelite and polyester.

Dimensions: 33.25" h | 16.25" w | 19.75" d | seat: 17.75" h | 17.25" d