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Emeco 1951 Barstool

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Qty: 1 Recycled PET - Stockholm White / Standard soft plastic (TPU) glides +$20.00

Emeco 1951 Barstool

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Design Adrian Van Hooydonk & BMW Group Designworks USA, 2005
Recycled Aluminum - Hand Brushed
Made in USA by Emeco

In 2003, we came across a long lost Emeco chair. Dated 1951, the chair had a clean, simple, straightforward design. We decided it was time for a revival, and contacted Adrian van Hooydonk at BMW Designworks. Adrian designed an updated version that retains Emeco's DNA yet looks forward. The handmade aluminum frame has a new, more 'dynamic' stance, and is combined with a seat and back made from recycled plastic (rPET). For 2020, we've updated the color palette, offering 6 new colors - all suitable for outdoor use.


Dimensions:41.3"H x 18.5"W x 22.3"D ||Seat Height 30"