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360º Container

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360º Container

****SHIPS IN 10 - 12 WEEKS****

 Design Konstantin Grcic, 2010

Glossy ABS, aluminum
Made in Italy by Magis

A strikingly simple and highly mobile storage solution, Konstantin Grcic’s 360° Container for Magis keeps pace with contemporary work and living spaces where considerable movement is the norm. The container’s drawer units swivel out to 360 degrees to open, and casters allow for convenient mobility.

Designer Konstantin Grcic is known for his logical designs. His design for 360° Container is a perfect example for the way it solves the problem of keeping all the contents of a drawer accessible. Its aluminum pole serves as a pivot point, allowing each drawer to independently swivel so you can access the entirety of its contents or hide them away with ease. Crafted from glossy ABS plastic, available in orange, white, and black.

360° container comes in two sizes, 5-drawer or 10-drawer. Each container includes 1 tray.

5-drawer: 13.78" w | 18.11" d | 28.3" h
10-drawer: 13.78" w |18.11" d | 50" h
Interior of drawers: 12 1/8" w | 13 5/8" d  | 3 5/8" h
Tray: 6.88" w | 13.78" d | 1/2"H