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AALTO Table Rectangular 82A

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AALTO Table Rectangular 82A

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Design Alvar Aalto,1935
Birch,Lacquered Linoleum,Veneer,Wood
Made in Finland by Artek

Table 82A is Alvar Aalto's timeless design from 1935. The rectangular dining table combines solid birch with easy-care laminate.

Artek tables are based on different combinations of Alvar Aalto’s L-legs and tabletops. Aalto introduced the bent L-leg for the first time in 1933, and it became a standard component in his furniture designs. Judging his importance as a designer and architect, Aalto considered the development of the L-leg as his greatest achievement – he called the L-leg as "the little sister of the architectonic column". The development of the L-leg was revolutionary because it solved the problem of attaching legs directly to the tabletop in a completely new way – the leg could be fastened with screws directly to the tabletop, and the result was a solid and simple structure.

Dimensions: W 59" | H 29¼" | D 33½"