BM5270 Wall Mount

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BM5270 Wall Mount

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Design Børge Mogensen, 1968/1970
Solid untreated teak wood
Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son

Børge Mogensen’s functionalist approach to design comes to the fore on the BM5270S & BM5270L Wall Mount in solid, untreated teak – created to hold the foldable Deck Chair Series of outdoor furniture when not in use.

Børge Mogensen’s creative process produced long-lasting pieces with humans at the center. He became a highly-influential, post-war designer and a leading representative of Danish Modern.

Mogensen’s democratic design included simple and functional wooden furniture for both private and public spaces, with calm aesthetics and strong construction from quality. He believed in visual clarity and minimal decoration or experimentation, as seen in his classic Hunting Table and Deck Chair Set.



Short: 25.2" W x 3.9" D x 2.4" H
Long: 47.9" W x 3.9" D x 2.4" H

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