Calumet Outdoor Wall Light

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Calumet Outdoor Wall Light


Design by Ernest Gismondi
By Artemide.

Calumet creates an ambient mood for any outdoor environment.
The Calumet wall and ceiling-mounted fixtures feature adjustable direct and/or indirect emission sourced high-performance LEDs.

• Body in aluminum.
• Diffuser in reinforced glass.  

• Delivered lumens: 696lm (2x9° 3000K), 348lm (9° 3000K), 369lm (2x8.5° 3000K), 744lm (2x9° 4000K), 372lm (9° 4000K), 321lm (38° 4000K),506lm(2x8.5° 4000K)
• Light output ratio: 43.5lm/W (2x9° 3000K), 43.5lm/W (9° 3000K), 46.13lm/W(2x8.5° 3000K) , 46.5lm/W (2x9° 4000K),46.5lm/W (9° 4000K), 45.9lm/W (38° 4000K), 46.13lm/W (2x8.5° 4000K)
• Power consumption: 16W (2x9° 3000K), 8W (9° 3000K/2x8.5° 3000K), 16W (2x9° 4000K), 8W (9° 4000K/2x8.5° 4000K),7W (38° 4000K),
• Led type: 15W Array* (3000K) , 7.5W Array*(9° 3000K/2x8.5° 3000K),15W Array* (2x9° 4000K), 7.5W Array* (9° 4000K/2x8.5° 4000K),
• CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): 3000K, 4000K
• CRI (Color Rendering Index): >80
• Life expectancy :50000Hrs
• Control type: On/Off
• Input Voltage: 120-277V
• Driver: TCI - 1 x DCC-15W-350MA/US
• BUG Rating: B1-U0-G0


  • 11 and 22: 3.125"D X 9.875"H; 4.875" Extension; Backplate: 4.5625"D
  • 41 and 52: 5.125"D X 13.75"H; 6.8125" Extension; Backplate: 4.5625"D