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CH410 Peters Chair

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CH410 Peters Chair

****SHIPS IN 10-12 WEEKS***** 

Design: Hans J. Wegner, 1944
solid wood untreated
Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son

Hans J. Wegner designed Peter’s Chair as the perfect gift for a friend’s son several decades ago. The 1944 chair has remained a cherished classic for children’s rooms and continues to offer the ultimate combination of carefully considered design and an engaging toy.

Peter’s Chair was created by Hans J. Wegner during World War II. Finding quality products in wartime Europe was not easy, so when Wegner needed a suitable christening gift for Peter, the son of his friend and fellow furniture designer Børge Mogensen, he took matters into his own hands and crafted the gift himself.

An accomplished cabinetmaker, Wegner conceived and built a simple yet ingenious chair that would work as both a functional piece of furniture and an engaging toy. Designed as a life-size three-dimensional puzzle in untreated beech, the chair is easily assembled without the use of tools – to the great excitement of children and adults alike.

Peter’s Chair combines perfectly with Peter’s Table. Together, these furniture pieces reveal the extent of Wegner’s innovative spirit as well as his superior ability to fulfill the natural interest of children without compromising on design and quality.

Dimension:: 16.5" W x 12.5" D x 18.5" H | Seat: 10" H