Come Together Table Lamp

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Come Together Table Lamp


Designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Made in Italy

Come Together is an innovative portable lamp, that delivers a perfect light with 16 hours of operation without being connected to a wall power.

The lamp features a simple USB charging port and a Li-On rechargeable battery inside. It delivers three different light performances with a very high efficiency of 85%.

1,2 W - 400 lx - 16 hours battery life
2,4 W - 700 lx - 8 hours battery life
3,6 W - 1000 lx - 4 hours battery life

This lightweight lamp can be easily transported as needed and fits comfortably in hand. The body is composed of a transparent optical device with a gradient pattern to help carry and distribute light. Available in three colorways: polished copper, white, or polished aluminum.

Come Together brings together lightness, optical intelligence, and sophisticated design in a new, 2.0 revolution of portable, rechargeable, LED light.

3 colors available: Copper, Aluminum, White

Dimensions: 3.94"D X 10.44"H

    Bulbs : LED-I, 3.6W 3000K >80 CRI, Integrated light source

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