Componibili 2 Elements

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Componibili 2 Elements


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Design by Anna Castelli Ferrieri 
Solid vertical overlapping of single pieces
Made in Italy by Kartell

Componibili is a modular system designed to meet various requirements of use and live in every room in the house: the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. The design solution that animates the Sectional system is the elementary and solid vertical overlapping of single pieces, using a simple joint, form practical movable containers. Componibili can stand on small castors. Flexible, functional and practical, Componibili been in production for forty years and have received many awards for innovation and the significance of the project (they are also on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris).

2 elements: H 15.75" | Dia.12.6" | 4.63 lbs.