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Cp1 Lounge Chair & Ottoman

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Cp1 Lounge Chair & Ottoman

*****SHIPS IN 8-10 WEEKS*****

Design Charles Pollock, 2012
Polished stainless steel frame, upholstery

Quilted seat and back. A loop stitch cording traces the perimeter of the chair.Contrasting thread option are available.All Bernhardt Textiles leathers are suitable for application on this product.Firm,non-flexble leathers not recommended.

In 2012, the 82-year-old Pollock introduced his first new product in America since the debut of his iconic Pollock Chair forty-seven years earlier. Pollock’s new collection CP Lounge was commissioned by Bernhardt Design.

Florence Knoll retired in 1965 which marked the end of an era in modern design. Pollock subsequently turned his attention to Europe, where he spent many years skiing, sculpting and painting. He continued to devote his life to design, and in 1982, he introduced the award winning Penelope Chair for the Italian company Castelli. The Penelope Chair was a major breakthrough because it was one of the first passively ergonomic chairs produced with simple parts.

Pollock's designs were governed by two principles. Creatively, he favored a continuous curved line when sketching ideas and creating forms. The second principle was that any product must be visually attractive, functional, and affordable. His designs were technically advanced, yet easy to manufacture at a reasonable price. Pollock is the recipient of the IBD Bronze Medal Award, the Dutch Institution for Industrial Design and Pratt Institute's Excellence by Design Award. His work is exhibited in many museums around the world.


CP1 lounge chair: 27" w | 33.25" d | 28.5" h | seat: 16.4" h
CP1 ottoman: 26.75" w | 22" d | 15.9" h