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Discovery Vertical Suspension

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Discovery Vertical Suspension


Design by Ernesto Gismondi
Made in Italy by Artemide

Discovery is a family of appliances available in 3 diameters: Ø70, Ø100 and Ø140cm based on minimal geometry. Discovery Vertical Suspension is a seemingly unobtrusive, utterly absent and immaterial element. A very light aluminum ring houses an LED strip that injects light into a specially worked surface with micro particles so small that the surface is hardly perceptible when the appliance is turned off.

When the appliance is turned on, the transparent interior appears to fill with light as if by magic, as absence is turned into a perfectly diffusing emitting surface. This unique result is obtained through Discovery’s direct and indirect emissions, which produce an embracing and uniform light that is ideal for office environments with an UGR <19.

Artemide’s optoeletronic skills, combined with a culture of design and technological savoir-faire, product a highly innovative, emotional and multi-purpose fixture.

Discovery is also available in horizontal suspension and wall versions.

• Extruded and calendered aluminum structure.
• PMMA optical plate diffuser with superficial laser processing.

• Delivered lumens: 2857.48lm (Discovery Vertical 70), 4859.31lm (Discovery Vertical 100), 6761.93lm (Discovery Vertical 140)
• Light output ratio: 71.44lm/W (Discovery Vertical 70), 80.99lm/W (Discovery Vertical 100), 84.52lm/W (Discovery Vertical 140)
• Power consumption: 41W (Discovery Vertical 70), 62W (Discovery Vertical 100), 83W (Discovery Vertical 140)
• Led type: 35W Array*(Discovery Vertical 70), 56W Array* (Discovery Vertical 100), 71W Array* (Discovery Vertical 140)
• CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): 3000K
• CRI (Color Rendering Index): >90
• Life expectancy: 50000Hrs
• Control type: Dimmable 2-Wire / Dimmable 0-10V
• Input Voltage: 120-277V
• Driver: EFORE - 1 x RCL050-1050A (Discovery Vertical 70/140), EFORE - x RCL040-0800A (Discovery Vertical 100),

Features & Accessories
• Rim hosts a LED strip injecting light into a clear surface
• Diffuser is transparent when off, filled with light when on
• The dimming range of the driver can dim down to 1%

70 - Canopy: 5 15/16" | Diffuser: 27 9/16"
Length Standard: Min 19 3/4" | Max 78 3/4"
100 - Canopy: 6 11/16" | Diffuser: 39 3/8"
Length: Standard: Min 19 3/4" | Max 78 3/4"
140 - Canopy: 9 3/8" | Diffuser: 55 1/8"
Standard: Min 19 3/4" | Max 78 3/4"