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E301 Embrace Sofa - Center Module

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E301 Embrace Sofa - Center Module

****SHIPS IN 8-12 WEEKS***** 

Design EOOS, 2021
Solid Wood Frame, upholstery
Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son

A streamlined wooden frame and unparalleled upholstered comfort strike the perfect balance on the flexible, modular Embrace Sofa, designed by EOOS to adapt to our changing needs and real-life situations.

Passionate craftsmanship means many things to different people. To Carl Hansen it means everything. It has been so ever since 1908 when Carl Hansen founded his company on a strong belief: outstanding craftsmanship and rational serial production could go hand-in-hand to provide customers with high-quality furniture at a reasonable price. Today they continue to build on this simple but strong idea, combining traditional woodworking techniques with the latest technology to produce furniture of lasting value.

Dimension: 47.4" W x 34.6" D x 32.3" H | Seat: 17.3" H