Endless Composition 23

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Endless Composition 23

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Design Niels Bendtsen, 2015
Wood frame, coils, steel, memory foam, upholstery
Made in British Columbia by Bensen

Endless is a modular sofa system with an endless amount of possibilities; This modular sofa, with it's infinite possible configurations, has a variety of options for modules, terminal pieces, seat depths, and arms heights.

Endless has a luxurious seat comprising of coils, memory foam and fiber, which gives an overall effect of a well-proportioned unit floating above the ground applicable for both residential and contract spaces. Every element comes with 4 legs, so they can be used as stand alone pieces. Matte black painted metal legs.

With a removable cover, and legs that act as connectors, the Endless collection is built to last, and will enrich any living area, large or small.

L 130" | D 122.5" | H 27.5" | seat Height: 16.5"

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