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FH420 Heritage Footrest

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FH420 Heritage Footrest

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Design Fritz Henningsen, 1930
Solid wood, down, cold foam, upholstery
Made in Denmark by Carl Hansen & Son

The FH420 Heritage Footstool by Frits Henningsen has a robust and classic air of tranquility about it. With solid wooden legs and upholstered detailing, it was designed to match the Heritage Chair, but it also works equally well on its own.

Renowned as an uncompromising designer, Frits Henningsen viewed quality craftsmanship as essential, and unlike most cabinetmakers, always designed his own furniture pieces.

As a member of the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild, Henningsen became a major driver of the furniture exhibitions of the period, gaining recognition for his perfectionist style and vibrant personality. He gave new expression to traditional designs and drew inspiration from the French Empire, rococo, and British 17th-century furniture.

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Dimensions :  20.5" W x 16.5" D x 14.6" H