Fleet Night Stand - Hot-Rolled

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Fleet Night Stand - Hot-Rolled

Hot Rolled Steel, Solid Maple, Stainless Steel

23.5"W x 17.75"D x 20.75"H

The Fleet Hot Rolled Night Stand is just one of a collection of Fleet modern design furniture that shares the same simplicity and strength of design but you can mix and match with different finishes, colors and draw fronts and inserts to create a beautiful piece to match your personality, taste and decor.

What makes our Hot Rolled Night Stand special is its unique patina. As with all our Fleet pieces, the beauty of the Hot Rolled Fleet Night Stand lies in the simplicity and quality of its raw materials blended with the clean lines, restraint and functionality of industrial design, all hand-crafted to produce a unique piece that’ll give an understated splash of durable modern style to your home.

Artist-designed and hand-manufactured, each Hot Rolled Night Stand is unique: each has its own built-in DNA. The hot-rolling manufacturing process creates a beautiful, idiosyncratic patina on the steel top, sides and drawer fronts that can’t be reproduced between pieces. Hot-rolled steel takes on an unusual smart dark gray tone with a subtle, nuanced sheen and, together with the unique patina, creates a modern, clean but not heavy look.

The Hot Rolled Fleet Night Stand features two roomy drawers of handsome, fine-grained  maple, with an unusual stainless steel mesh lattice draw base and faced with hot-rolled steel draw fronts. The stainless steel draw pulls are a pleasing circular design that softens the industrial angularity but set in, to maintain a clean line. Stainless steel fasteners across the piece are decorative as well as functional.

Each part of the Hot Rolled Fleet Night Stand is precision-made and hand-manufactured.  To maintain the highest quality and sustainability, as well as design and functional integrity, veneers and composites are never used.

Dove Tail Joinery
Lathe Turned Billet Aluminum Drawer Pulls
Machined Aluminum Legs

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