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Generation Chair

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Generation Chair

****Ships in 4-6 Weeks****

Design Formway, 2009
Made in USA by Knoll

It's not a chair. It's a movement. Introducing Generation by Knoll

The first chair that lets you sit how you want. Generation by Knoll offers a new standard of comfort and unrestrained movement, supporting the range of postures and work styles typical of today's workplace. Designed by Formway Design, Generation takes the idea of elastic design—where a product rearranges itself in response to its user to a new level.

The Generation by Knoll chair is the result of Formway Design's research into how people sit throughout the day. Their research, based on insights gathered on the contemporary workplace, revealed that sitting reflects a breadth of positions. Sitting upright and facing forward is just one of the many things that people do in their office chair. Recognizing that the basic assumption about office seating—that there is one optimal way to sit—was flawed, Formway and Knoll joined forces to create a chair that moves as you move. Generation doesn't force you to choose between freedom of movement and continuous support, but, instead, provides both, simultaneously.

Current ergonomic research challenges the idea of a single, forward-facing posture, recognizing that maintaining one seated position for an extended time is not compatible with the body's natural tendency toward movement. Created from a high performance elastomer, the innovative Generation by Knoll Flex Back facilitates changes in posture and position throughout the workday. The Flex Top extends the range of movement, allowing you to sit comfortably in any position—even sideways.

Generation by Knoll moves as you move, encouraging free expression, creativity and engagement at work. The Flex Seat offers 270 degrees of seat edge flex without a hard frame or obtrusive levers along the seat perimeter. And for added comfort and support, the Continuous Lumbar carries the lumbar support in the Flex Back through the design of the arms. The result: seamless movement from upright to perched
or side sitting positions.

Our Generation chairs offer fully adjustable lumbar support, with your choice of a Dark or Light Frame with the option of a polished aluminum base in a wide array of colors. Options of armless, height adjustable or a high performance arm which allows you to adjust the width, depth and also provides a 45-degree pivot.

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Dimensions: 29.25-44.5"H x 28.25"W x 26"D

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