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Knoll Life Chair

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Knoll Life Chair

****Ships in 4-6 Weeks****

Design Formway, 2002
Aluminum base, seat topper, no back topper
Made in USA by Knoll

Every once in a while a piece comes along that causes us to really sit up and take notice. A piece that many refer to as a "game changer." The Knoll Life Chair is one such piece. The Life Chair is designed to adapt to the user; it moves with you and be customized to perfectly meet your needs. A flexing back automatically responds to your movements, ensuring your back is always properly supported. A synchronized recline mechanism allows for effortless relaxation, using your own body weight as a counterbalance to ensure that you're perfectly positioned. Available in a variety of upholstery options, the Life Chair is one piece that is a marvelous addition to any office.

  • SYNCHRONIZED RECLINE with auto-balanced tension adjusts effortlessly using your body weight as counter balance
  • KNIT BACK SUSPENSION FABRIC available in 14 colors. Optional backtopper available in leather or fabric
  • DYNAMIC SEAT PAN WITH FORWARD FLEX alleviates pressure points, allows for proper circulation, supports perched postures and eliminates the need for thick foam upholstery
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT DEPTH provides ample 4” range for various body types
  • FLEXING BACK FRAME follows your movements and ensures constant full back support
  • TENSION PREFERENCE SELECTOR adjusts the resistance of the reclining mechanism
  • TILT LOCK gives users the ability to lock the chair upright or allow for recline, depending on the task

CA Modern Home is an Authorized Dealer for Knoll. Please call our Product Specialist at1.800.605.1859 for questions regarding custom Fabric & Leather options.


    Overall: 26.5" w x 24.5" d x 38.5"-43.75" h

    26.5" (with arms)

    Arm Height*: 6.8 - 10.8" (high performance arms)

    Seat height: 15.25"-20.5"