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Landi Chair

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Landi Chair

****ships in 8-10 weeks****

Design Hans Coray, 1938
Made by Vitra

Technical innovation, optimal use of materials, minimalist forms and understated elegance have made the Landi Chair (1938) by Hans Coray a classic that looks as fresh and vital today as ever.


    • Seat shell:  seat shell in pressed aluminium sheeting with 91 punched holes, matte anodised surface.
      • Base:  armrests and legs from bent aluminium profiles, with welded aluminium cross braces, matt anodised surface.
        • Glides:  glides in light grey injection-moulded TPE.
          • Applications:  ideal for outdoor use in both private and public spaces, such as home patios or balconies, restaurant terraces, open-air cafés etc.

            • Note:  as in the original design, the Landi Chair can be stacked up to 6 units high. Vitra's re-edition of the classic stays true to the original while making the most of the latest technical possibilities. The anodised aluminium surface of the chair is durable and weather-resistant but may develop signs of wear and tear if the chairs are stacked.

            Range of use: recommended for residential use only.

              Dimensions: 16" W x 25.5" D x 31.25" H, Seat: 18.75" H