Logico Table Lamps

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Logico Table Lamps


Design Michele De Lucchi, 2001
Handblown glass, steel, aluminum
Made in Italy by Artemide

table standing luminaires for diffused LED, fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lighting

diffuser in handblown venetian glass with satined finish
diffuser supporting frame in die-cast aluminum with pale grey lacquered finish
three-rod stem and base in steel with pale grey lacquered finish
touch sensitive dimmer control rod in diffuser frame for table and mini table models
on/off switch on cord for micro table model

Incandescent light source
Logico Table
E26/A19 3x60W
Logico Mini Table
E12/G16.5 3x40W
Logico Micro Table
E12/G16.5 1x60W
Halogen light source
Logico Table
E26/A19 3x53W
Logico Mini Table
E12/G16.5 3x25W
Logico Micro Table
E12/G16.5 1x40W
Fluorescent light source
Logico Table
E26/Twist 3x20W
Logico Mini Table
E12 (cand) 3x9W
Logico Micro Table
E12 (cand) 1x9W
LED light source
Logico Table
E26/A19 3x12.5W dim.
Logico Mini Table
E12 (cand) 3x4W
Logico Micro Table
E12 (cand) 1x4W
All bulbs sold separately unless otherwise noted.
All wattage info. listed above denote the maximum allowed wattage.

Logico Micro Table: 7" W x 13" H – 1 X 60W (E12/G16W)
Logico Mini Table: 11" W x 17.25" H – 3 X 40W (E12/G16W)
Logico Table: 15.75" W x 25.25" H – 3 X 60W (E26/A19W)

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