Lyndon Outdoor Floor Lamp 350

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Lyndon Outdoor Floor Lamp 350

Design by Vico Magistretti, 1980
Metal - Polycarbonate
Made in Italy

At least once in our lives, we have dreamt of owning a house surrounded by a large garden, even a park, and of strolling round it in the evening when dusk falls and peace and tranquillity returns. This is why Vico Magistretti designed Lyndon in 1977 – he wanted to recount a dream. The total simplicity of its support is combined with the elaborateness of its composite head, a cloud of transparent globes. Recalling times gone by and atmospheres from European capital cities at the end of the 19th century in a modern vein.


300 cm → 90 cm Ø 40 cm (↑ 118" → 35,4" Ø 15,6")
200 cm → 70 cm Ø 30 cm (↑ 78,7" → 27,6" Ø 11,8")