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Maya Lin Child's Stones

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Maya Lin Child's Stones

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Design Maya Lin, 1998
Molded polyethylene
Made in USA by Knol


lMaya Lin While still an undergraduate at Yale University, Maya Lin came to international prominence with her award-winning design for the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, D.C. Her work, which blurs the boundaries between architecture and art, demonstrates a passion for topography, celestial elements and natural phenomena, and a fondness for elliptical shapes and subtle curves.

Maya Lin's first collection of Stones, designed in celebration of Knoll's 60th anniversary, includes a low elliptical table with a slightly convex top and elliptical stools in two sizes, each with a slightly concave seat. Stones are available in a range of colors and materials, including cast stone and molded polyethylene, with 100% recycled versions.

The Polyethylene version are offered in 9 exciting colors and feature a slight concave seat top for comfort. For use indoors and out. Seats also feature a weight option.

Dimensions - 16"w x 10"h x 12"d weight: no weight: 7lbs weighted: 25lbs