Modern Fan Co 003 Handheld Remote Control

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Modern Fan Co 003 Handheld Remote Control

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Modern Fan Company fans do not use pull chains (except for the Industry model). Therefore, in order to operate your fan at different speeds and switch your light independently of your fan, an appropriate control should be selected.

All controls (except the #009A and #009B) are designed for use with one fan only.

Designed for independent operation of a fan and light using only one circuit (two wires). Provides three speeds and full range dimming (except fluorescent lights, use 003ND non-dimming for fluorescent lighting) and comes with a wall hanging bracket.

Fans configured with fluorescent lamps may not be operated with dimming controls. When ordered alone, non-dimming versions of Modern Fan Co's controls are designated by the "ND" suffix.

Controls ordered with fans that have been configured with fluorescent lamps will be supplied in a non-dimming version.

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