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Mood Disc Base Chair

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Mood Disc Base Chair

*****SHIPS IN 12-14 WEEKS*****

Design René Holten, 2014
Steel, foam, upholstery
Made in The Netherlands by Artifort

Ultimate sitting comfort with many faces - that is Mood by René Holten. A sleekly-upholstered bucket seat with five different bases, four different styles of upholstery and a great many color and fabric options. The ideal dining chair for every interior style.

If you would prefer a Mood with a Scandinavian look, opt for soft, woolen fabrics in pastel colors and the wooden or wire-frame base. If something rugged and industrial would suit you better, select the stainless-steel strip base in combination with an exclusive leather cover. And if you have a classic and understated interior, the rotary disc-shaped base may be ideal for you - subtle and elegant, with two-color upholstery. There's no shortage of options. There is always a Mood that suits you. 

Mood chairs are offered with a single-fabric option, a two color (top/bottom) option with the same fabric, a two color (inside/outside) option with the same fabric, and a special leather upholstery version with accentuated stitching. There are also five different bases: one with four oak legs, one with a wire frame, a disc-shaped one, one with a four-toed strip, and a five-toed office chair base. All five are available in various finishes. Mood disc base chairs can be specified in two versions: active (22.4" d) or relax (24.8" d) with the option of a non-swivel base or swivel with return mechanism base. They are delivered standard with a felt ring on the underside. 

disc, not swiveling: powder coating. Felt ring at the underside.
disc, swiveling with return mechanism: powder coating. Felt ring at the underside.

Please call for additional options on powder-coat base colors and seat fabric, or for any question regarding the product on our hotline: 1.800.605.1859

Dimensions (in):

mood active: 22.4" w | 31.1" h | 22.4" d | seat: 18.5" h | arms: 24.4" h
mood relax: 22.4" w | 31.1" h | 24.8" d | seat: 18.5" h | arms: 24.4" h

Technical Specification Sheet