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Nelson X-Leg Table with Laminate Top

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Nelson X-Leg Table with Laminate Top



Over sixty years after its original introduction in 1950, the elegant, versatile X-Leg table by George Nelson is again available from Herman Miller. In many ways, the X-Leg table was the first multi-use table designed by the Nelson Office: it was first promoted as a dining table as well as a work surface. Designed to function in almost any setting, it easily balances everything from dining to working to relaxing. The table similarly pairs with a variety of chair styles, from classic Eames offerings to modern designs.

Herman Miller founder D.J. DePree saw an article in a 1945 Life magazine featuring George Nelson's Storagewall unit, which was causing a sensation in the furniture industry. He was so impressed that he paid a visit to Nelson in New York and convinced him to be his director of design, which spurred Nelson to found his design firm, George Nelson & Associates. The warm personal and professional relationship between Nelson and DePree yielded a stunning range of products, from the playful Marshmallow Sofa to the first L-shaped desk, a precursor of today's workstation.

The Nelson X-Leg table is offered in a variety of sizes, top surfaces and base finish options.


60" w x 30" d x 28.5" h
72" w x 30" d x 28.5" h
84" w x 30" d x 28.5" h
60" w x 36" d x 28.5" h
72" w x 36" d x 28.5" h
84" w x 36" d x 28.5" h