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Noctambule Low Cylinder LED Pendant

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Noctambule Low Cylinder LED Pendant

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 7-10 DAYS***** 

Design Konstantin Grcic, 2019
Blown crystal, die-cast aluminum
Made by Flos

Noctambule LED dimmable pendant light short cylinders by FLOS is the latest in the series of inventive lighting fixtures envisioned and executed by master designer Konstantin Grcic. This groundbreaking lighting system is made up of various units that blend together to provide illumination at the intersection between every module. Offered in a variety of artistic designs, Noctambule’s dimmer can be operated from its power unit within the ceiling rose, or controlled using the pedal-enabled panel in its power cord.

The lamp’s cylindrical body and dynamic heads can be used to create a direct light source. Powered by LED technology, the lighting fixture’s foundation is a transparent cylinder (made using hand-blown glass). Grcic has modeled the lamp to be dynamic in nature – it can be used as a hanging light or standing lamp – and features additional components that allow the user to experiment with the product in unprecedented ways.


Cylinder: 17.71" h | 9.84" dia. | 8.81 lbs.
Ceiling rose: 1.77" h | 7.25" dia. | 2.64 lbs.
Suspension attachment: 1.57" h | 7.28" dia. | 3.3 lbs.