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Paimio Armchair 41

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Paimio Armchair 41

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Design Alvar Aalto, 1931
Bent birch plywood
Made in Finland by Artek

Perhaps the best-known of all Alvar Aalto's furniture pieces. The Paimio Chair was named for the town in which Aalto designed a hospital and all its furnishings. Vaguely inspired by the Wassily Chair, Aalto resisted the use of metal and chose native birch wood for this shaped masterpiece.

Sculptural, comfortable, the Chair is framed by two closed loops of masterfully bent laminated wood which create the arms, legs and floor runners. The suspended seat of bent plywood features a rolled headrest and seat base with a seat back angle that the designer contended was the best position for patients' optimal breathing. It's certainly succeeded in offering comfortable lounge seating and remarkable styling. Select Black or White finish.

Dimensions: 23.6"W x 31.5"D x 25.2"H Seat Height: 13" h