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Panton Moon Suspension Lamp

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Panton Moon Suspension Lamp


Design Verner Panton, 1960
Metal discs, metal rings, metal frame, chrome ceiling plate
Made in Denmark by VerPan ApS.

The Moon lamp consists of a number of vertical lamellae, arranged like a fan, around the centrally located bulb. The fan-shaped discs hide the bulb and at the same time serve as reflectors, through which a soft light is spread throughout the room. The Moon pendant is one of Verner Panton's earliest lamps. It consists of ten ring-shaped blades positioned in such a way that they can move. The Moon pendant justifiably gets its name from its shape and the quality of light coming from it.

As one of the most influential and remarkable designers of the era, Verner Panton (1926-1998) has created objects, spaces and art. He was a master of the fluid, futuristic style of 1960s design which introduced the Pop aesthetic to furniture and interiors. His original, space age designs have won numerous awards and been exhibited in museums and private collections around the world. His ideologies and design concepts are apparent and have had great influence on 21st century design.

moon small: 13.4" dia. | 13.4" h | fabric cord: 98.4" L | requires 1x60W E26 bulb
moon large: 17.5" dia. | 17.5" h | white fabric cord: 98.4" L | requires 1x60W E26 bulb
moon XXXL: 59.1" dia. | white fabric cord: 98.4" L | requires 4x60W E26 bulbs
assembly required