RS#3 Wood 24K GOLD Foosball Table

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RS#3 Wood 24K GOLD Foosball Table

Design by Rafael Rodríguez.
By RS Barcelona.

Dressed in a bespoke dinner suite, the RS#3 wood GOLD is the first item in a very special new collection to offer a subtle and elegant combination of gold, metal and wood. A darker Iroko wood frame enhances the 24K gold and silver chrome plated players and accents. The indulgence doesn't stop there, RS Barcelona plated the score counter, ball bearings, screws and other small parts of this great product in 24k gold as well. Dressed to the nines with extra luster and plenty of glamour, the RS#3 Wood GOLD offers the same features as all the other RS Barcelona football tables.

The arena appears to be suspended between the thick legs which feature 2 cross-beams and adjustable feet. Incorporated into the frame are the score counters and goals which provides a sleek profile. Each team consists of 1 goalie, 2 guards, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards.


  • 59.4"W X 50.4"D X 36.6"H

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