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Silhouette Outdoor Rug

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Silhouette Outdoor Rug

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Design Jaime Hayon, 2019
100% recycled PET fiber, hand tufted
Handmade by Nanimarquina

Silhouette is a collection of rugs designed by Jaime Hayon for indoor and outdoor use that highlights the acclaimed casual style of the designer and artist. Depicted with a delicate stroke, the illustration defines the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition. Hayon subtly introduces color through small elements brimming with personality that help to interpret each of the images. Nine faces are distributed at different angles so that the rug can be viewed from any perspective, fitting perfectly in any space.

The outdoor proposal is an outdoor hand-tufted rug, developed with hand-tufted 100% recycled PET fiber and produced in India. This combination provides great utility while transferring a sense of well-being that is needed for outdoor spaces.

Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 focusing on offering rugs to a world that is interested in creativity, quality and innovation. Today, Nanimarquina is one of the leading companies in the contemporary rugs sector. Under the premise of "reuse, reduce, recycle", they pay the utmost attention to caring for and preserving the environment that surrounds us. All of their rugs are hand made in countries with great traditions of craftsmanship. Nanimarquina also guarantees that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of their rugs. They also collaborate actively with organizations to further improve standards of living for those directly involved in the process of producing their rugs.

Silhouette outdoor rug is offered in 3 sizes with custom sizes available on request. Indoor version is also available.

Fiber 100% Recycled PET
Technique Hand tufted
Density 56,000 knots/m2
Wool pile height 10 mm
Total height 14 mm
Weight 4,2 kg/m2

5'7" w | 7'10" L
6'7" w | 9'10" L
9'10" w | 13'1" L