Stab Light Suspension

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Stab Light Suspension


Design by Arik Levy
Body lamp in aluminum, Blown glass diffuser
Made in Italy by Artemide

Stablight is produced using very traditional glass blowing techniques.

The diffuser is crafted out of hand-blown glass layered over a wooden mold, carefully formed by hand from a hard and wet wood.
A glass blowing pipe is used to gather several layers of glass in various colors, which is then blown and shaped by hand to create a shape that mirrors that of the wooden mold it is placed on top of.

After the “hotshop” production phase, the vases are finished in a cutting shop, where additional parts are cut out and the surface is polished to a high gloss.
The production process uses the extraordinary skills of glassmakers, who continue to pass down their knowledge from generation to generation.

Stablight A (Single): 1 X 10W 120V GU10 LED; (not included)
Stablight B (Single): 1 X 10W 120V GU10 LED; (not included)
Stablight C (Single): 1 X 10W 120V GU10 LED; (not included)
Stablight Triple: 3 X 10W 120V GU10 LED; (not included)

Stablight A (Single): 5.1"H X 5.3"Dia
Stablight B (Single): 10.6"H X 3.9"Dia
Stablight C (Single): 6.7"H X 8.3"Dia