Tip Ton Chair

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Tip Ton Chair

*****USUALLY SHIPS IN 8-12 WEEKS *****

 Design Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2011

Made in Germany by Vitra

Tip Ton defines a whole new chair typology: the solid plastic chair with forward-tilt action. Its name refers to the two types of sitting experiences that characterise the chair – from a normal position, Tip Ton can be tilted a few degrees forward where it then stays in place. The innovation behind this seemingly simple feature lies in the skids, which rise at a nine-degree angle. The forward-tilt sitting position, until now the preserve of mechanical office chairs, straightens the pelvis and spine and thus improves circulation to the abdominal and back muscles. Thanks to its striking appearance, Tip Ton is an outstanding dining table or home-office solution; it is also ideal for use in restaurants, conference and meeting spaces and educational institutions.

Dimensions - 31"H x 20"W x 21.75"D / Seat Height 18.5"

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