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Tools: Casserole W/Lid

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Tools: Casserole W/Lid


Design Björn Dahlström, 1998
Brushed stainless Steel, aluminum core
Made in Finland by Iittala

Exquisite function. Tools is a range of pots and pans that serve a dual purpose: not only are they high-quality cooking utensils, but their stunning design and sturdy, oversized handles make them ideal for bringing your culinary creations directly to the table - no doubt to an appreciative audience. The cooking casseroles have interior measuring scales and a compound multi-layer construction that distributes and retains heat evenly.

Designer Björn Dahlström worked in collaboration with world class chefs and materials specialists in order to develop attractive, highly functional implements whose insightful features and impeccable construction lend themselves to a variety of cooking techniques. The stylish design and exquisite construction makes them ideal for large dinner parties as well as for everyday use.

Born in Sweden, Björn Dahlström works both two- and three-dimensionally. His work includes highly regarded furniture for Cbi, as well as industrial design products for Atlas Copco, among others. Dahlström works in Stockholm and has over the years established himself internationally. In 2001, he was awarded the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg design prize, one of the most prestigious Nordic design prizes.

Available in your choice of sizes.
Casserole w/lid: 2qt, 7" | 3qt, 8.75" | 5qt, 8.75" | 8qt, 10.25"