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With Valentine's Day just a couple of days away, it's a great time to look back on some of the couples that have contributed to the movement of art as a whole.  Christie's, the global leader of art businesses recently published an article celebrating the ten most famous art couples of the 20th century, and among this list were husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames.

Ray met Charles Eames in 1941 when she assisted him with the design he intended to submit to the Museum of Modern Art’s organic furniture competition.  After marrying that same year, the couple moved to Los Angeles which would serve as a huge inspiration for their practice.  Together Charles and Ray would create the iconic Eames Chair which has been called “the chair of the century” as well as numerous other pieces that have since become culturally significant and innovative.  In fact, the couple is perhaps the most influential in pioneering 20th century design.

Some of the other couples mentioned in the Christie's article include Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera as well as Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot.

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Jesse Brody
Jesse Brody

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